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Mike And Sharon Root, Owners/Officers

I cannot thank you enough for the equipment that you sold my company. One of my employees was injured while he and five other technicians were carrying a 5 ton package unit (heating and cool) from the front of a customer’s house to the back of the house. He slipped, injured his shoulder, and wound up on workers comp. Right after my employee was injured, I wanted to find a better way for my guys to move and maneuver these large units to where they needed to be without getting injured, so I asked around for ideas. I asked everyone that came through my shop doors. I had a fellow business associate give me your name and number. Your cart has been great! My guys use it for anything heavy….condensers, package units, water heaters, water softeners, etc. Whenever they need to move anything, they just get it onto the cart, and the cart does the rest. When the workers comp agent asked me how I planned to keep this situation from occurring again in the future. I was happy to tell her about the equipment cart my company invested in. My guys love this Ultimate Cart and Dolly utility cart!
Thank you!
Mike and Sharon Root