This Industrial Dolly Will Be Your Favorite Power Tool

See how it's making tradespeople and ranchers in Camp Verde, Tempe, Mesa & Phoenix, AZ more efficient

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Moves Over 1200 lbs. Over Any Terrain

Purchase A Heavy-Duty Industrial Cart Designed For Tradespeople And Ranchers In Camp Verde, Tempe, Phoenix & Mesa, AZ

Heavy lifting and intense heat can tire anyone out, making it easy for workers to get hurt on the job. Luckily, Ultimate Cart and Dolly has designed an industrial cart and industrial dolly that can protect your workers from injury and improve employee productivity.

We spent several years fine-tuning our ideas to develop a cost-effective industrial cart and industrial dolly, that could help tradespeople and ranchers in Camp Verde, Tempe, Phoenix and Mesa, AZ work smarter. Unlike the bargain carts and dollies, you’ll find at home improvement stores, our products can carry industrial loads across rugged terrain safely.

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Solutions For Every Trade

We believe our product's performance and durability in the best in the industry

Landscapers, ranchers, farmers, plumbers, painters, HVAC workers, roofers, welders, electricians and contractors have to do a lot of heavy lifting. A customizable cart and dolly can save you the trouble of hauling heavy or bulky materials to and from your worksite.

For example, you can use…

  • An Ultimate Cart and Dolly to carry shingles or roof decking
  • or to transport windows and doors for construction

Your industrial cart and dolly with the 15-inch no flat tires will never get a flat tire and will always be ready to go. Its two-piece construction makes it easy to maneuver around tight corners and obstacles.

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More About Us


Value comes in many forms such as protecting yourself and your team from injury while moving heavy loads.

The Ultimate Cart and Dolly never get tired, sick, over-heated or injured.


We discovered the need for transporting heavy equipment and industrial sized loads in the trades and we did something about it!

Our hands-on testing methods and combined years of experience used in development give you a product that can stand the daily rigors of any tradesman, homeowner or business.